ChArgE sB with (Doing) sth造句

charge sb with sth因某事指控某人造句:①The police charged the driver with reckless driving.警方指控司机鲁莽驾驶.②She charged me with the breach of the duty.她指控我玩忽职守.


He accused his boss of having broken his word.他指责老板不守信.He was accused of murder.有人指控他谋杀.The driver was charged with speeding这个司机被控超速行驶They charged me with robbery他们以抢劫罪控诉我

help sb.(to) do 帮某人做某事 He helps me do the sb with sth 在什么事情上帮助某人 He helps me with my study.


1. charge sb. with (doing) sth. that… 指控某人做某事 例句: She charged me with neglecting my duty. 她指控我玩忽职守. 2. charge sb. to do sth. 责令某人做某事 例句: The people who break the

My teacher encouraged me in making progress with diligence.(我的老师鼓励我用勤奋来取得进步) 是介词

sb consider doing sth 造句 he consider going to school a bit earlier.he consider playing football with his friends.i consider waiting a bit longer before i give up.they consider joining the school football team.可以吗?很希望会对你有帮助.若满意请采纳,谢谢你

charge sb. with sth.accuse sb. of sth.

charge sb with sth. 是更严重的,指控,控告,可能要判刑的accuse sb of sth, 谴责,感觉罪责轻一些


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