go on Doing sth造句

1.She went on writing the article for three hours. 2.The man goes on reading English for an hour every day. 3.The woman goes on singing some songs in the next room. 1.The girl has kept on doing her homework for an hour. 2.The boy had kept on

go on doing 继续做某事;不停地做某事同义词:continue to do , keep on doingAfter a short break, I go on doing my homework.在短暂的休息后,我继续做作业.

1.i finished doing my homework at 8:00 last night.(昨晚八点我完成了作业)2.would you mind opening the window?(你介意开窗吗)3.it kept raining all day long.(雨一整天下个不停)jin xiangyao kept asking questions all the time(金湘瑶老是问个不停)(哈哈,这句是送给你的,免费!)let's go on talking about our plan.(我们继续谈计划吧)

I am doing my homework.I am dancing.(我在跳舞)如果本题有什么不明白可以追问,如果满意请点击右上角好评

He says nothing but just go on working

go on doing sth.意思为“继续(干某事),持续不断地(干某事)”, go on to do sth.表示“(干完某事后)继续干另外一件事”,强调接着干另外一件事 go on with sth.通常情况下,强调在停顿之后继续原来的活动,with后通常接名词

go on to do sth.继续做另一件事 go on doing sth.继续做某事 I have done my washing,let's go on to play games.我洗完衣服了,让我们继续一起玩游戏吧.

go on 的两个用法1.After he finshed his math homework ,he went on to finsh his science homework.表示接着去做某事(不是同一件事)2.Mother often goes on doing housework after lunch.表示继续做某事(同一件事) 望采纳

He went on doing his work. I went on to have dinner.

go on doing 英[u n du:] 美[o n du] 表示: 继续做; [例句]I've survived till now, and will go on doing so without help from you.我一直努力活到了现在,而且没有你的帮助也能继续活下去.同义词有:keep on doing、keep doing


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