mAny thousAnDs oF thE pEoplE mAkE ClosEly ContACt

with 改for?

我说下我自己的答案:借鉴下.91:正确92:woman---women93:friends后加 up94:play--playing95:去掉 to96:strongly---strong97:how--why98:make--- makes99:watch--watching100:thousands后加of


a.biggest,a where,a take,c passed,c shotd furs,d elephant,c extraordinary,b expand,a produced deadly,d watched,c performances,c Africa a.restored

1.The most interesting sports are team sports2.Yes3.Tickets to important games are not easily bought4.they watch these kinds of games on TV5.Yes,but they don't mind根本就不是4级的,怎么感觉是初中的^^!

小题1:Countries小题2:unusual小题3:fruit小题4:Place小题5:flowers小题6:Monday小题 every weekend, thousands of young people from all over London travel to the Camden