onE FingEr onE FingEr turn turn是什么儿歌

《One Little Finger 》

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Warm-up : 1、One two three four one two three four ,clap your hands (1 2 3 4,拍拍手) two two three four,stomp your feet(2 2 3 4 ,跺跺脚) three two three four,nod your head,(3 2 3 4 ,点点头) four two three four,hands on knees.(4 2 3 4 ,小手放到

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直接教授,即母语教授法,用手指表示.另外配以Chant和动作:one finger one finger turn turn turn,turn to a brush 刷 刷 刷two fingers two fingers turn turn turn,turn to a rabbit jump jump jump three fingers three fingers turn turn turn,turn to a cat

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