out oF thE wooDs歌词

out of the woods 穿过这片丛林吧 i wish you out of the woods 我愿你穿过这片丛林 and into the picture with me 闯进我的世界 i wish you over the moon 我愿见到你欣喜若狂的样子 come out of the question and be 我愿你走出烦恼,顺其自然 if this is

m so out of the woods now;s the two of usDazed and happyFlashback to that day when you held my handTold me to stop crying, fought everyone after meI wouldn', swords clashThey'm thinkingThank you for teaching me how to hold my swordThank

毫无疑问《Out Of The Woods》是写给Harry Styles(以下称作哈卷) 歌曲内容:沙发上甜蜜合照,分而复合在家跳舞,经历刹车意外,这三个场景时候“taylor”的少女心的碎碎念,对于未来的担忧.后来发现“哈卷”劈腿,不忠之后,第四个

"Out of the Woods" is about a relationship gone bad that Taylor Swift didn't think she could leave and that she felt she had to keep pushing through with. She didn't want to leave the guy (we'll call him "Ed") because she was afraid of what was

i tsu ka ra kon na ni oo ki na o mo i da se na i ki o ku ga a tta ka dou ni mo o bo e te na i no wo hi to tsu ta shi ka ni o bo e te run da na mou i kkai nan kai ya tta tte o mo i da su no wa so no kao da so re de mo a na ta ga nan da ka o mo i da se nai

我们必须往前看.现在的 Taylor 已经不是 2008 年的她了那个悲伤就逆流吉他,或是穿着乐队制服、戴副黑镜框、被班上其他女生欺负的书呆子了.甚至连 2012 年的她都不是那个小心翼翼地在 Country-Pop 和 Dubstep 间走钢丝的她.

《Out of the Woods》简谱由C大调构成 ,制作人时而将泰勒的歌声处理为天使一般的天壤之音,而副歌中的合唱则更像是三四个(原试用版并没有多余的歌声)泰勒斯威夫特高声唱着这首庄严的圣歌.歌曲浓重的新浪潮风格、怪诞的电子合成器和节拍和180度大转弯的上口副歌使这首歌曲成为专辑中旋律方面的佼佼者. 《Out of the Woods》受到了80年代流行音乐合成器歌曲的影响,歌曲辽阔的副歌像一个80年代的动作电影的结尾序列.


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