wAiting For lovE hEst

waiting for your love

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waiting for my love.翻译:等待我的爱人.这里的love做名词,意思是爱人.wait 英 [wet] 美 [wet] 动词. 等,等待,等候,期待 名词. 等待,等候,等待的时间 网络. 等等,等一下,等待光标 变形. 第三人称单数:waits,现在分词:waiting,过去分词:waited 搭配. wait minute,wait patiently,wait bus,anxiously wait,wait hour [例句] We'll just have to wait, until the wind picks up a bit.在风没大之前,我们只能等.

waiting for love 等待的爱 双语对照 词典结果:Waiting for Love [电影]等爱; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Miss puff's goldfish bowl is a blank of waiting for love. 泡芙小姐的金鱼缸是等待爱情的空白.

waiting for love--等爱 外听 佛 辣舞

歌曲名:《waiting for love》歌手:medina 所属专辑:《forever》发行时间:2012-06-01 发行公司:华纳音乐 歌词:it's like were connected, it's like i'm infected.saw you and expected something would go down.this feeling's electric, it

waiting for love等待爱情 拼音 双语对照 Waiting for Love词典[电影]等爱

这首歌的歌词是:I bet you beautiful look like a videoI've dreamed you upon so long like I already knowSmile like a magazineYou bring me to my kneesI haven't found youbut girl I know it can't be longTill you're in my arms at last completeUntil then I


waiting for love 等待爱情.汉语谐音是 微厅 佛 拉夫 love 英 [lv] 美 [lv] vt.& vi.喜欢; 爱,热爱; 爱戴; 赞美,称赞 vt.喜欢; 喜爱; 喜好; 爱慕 n.热爱; 爱情,爱意; 疼爱; 爱人,所爱之物


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